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Imagine the idea, turn it into a possibility.


"Out of Nothing"

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Customize your dreams

regardless of skill level

Discover elegant accessories

engineered our community

of designers

This is a very cool idea! The concept and business model is very unique and can be expanded further. This idea can be more geared towards accessories and very soon can be expanded into retail stores across the country. Good work guys!  

Dr. Asish Satpathy

Professor at UCR & Consultant to X-Nihilo Inc.

THIS COMPANY IS AWESOME! Not only do they have 3D prints already made, I can make my own creations. Most of the time my company uses customized bottles and caps from time to time. Because we are able to incorporate X-Nihilo into our business, we have seen business boom! Thanks X-Nihilo! Jack Daniels wouldn't be as tasty if it weren't for you!

Jack Daniel

Bottling Executive of Jack Daniel's Distillery

X-Nihilo creates amazing products. My company and I use their design and engineering expertise in our bottling practices and distribution. Their products never seizes to amaze us. Amazing products. 5 out of 5 stars!

Stella Rosa

Manufactuer of Stella Rosa Brands

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X-Nihilo is not like any other company.

                       Don't just take our word for it.


Market Analyst & Sophisticated Energy Cowboy (woohoo!) 

The Team that brought you X-Nihilo,


Systems Design Lead & Magic Dog Whisperer 

Discover the wonders of custom 3D Printing,

Here at X-Nihilo, we pride ourselves in fostering creativity for all. As a company, we're all about helping regular people create custom 3D models. (Yes, that means you.) 


There's no need to know how to code or use CAD designs to use our services. Simply take a 360-degree snapshot of your design or create one via our easy 3D modeling tool yourself! 


Now if all of that is too much and you would just rather have something pre-made, you would be able to vote and purchase your favorite community created product. 

Happy designing!


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